Church of Philippi English Ministry meets in small groups called "SRB's" where people are able to grow deeper in relationship and connection with one another. Small groups enjoy fellowship through sharing and studying the Word together. Please email the appropriate contact if you are interested in visiting and/or joining. 


7:00pm Thursdays in Columbia

Contact: Elder Sung Han - 

6:00pm Fridays in Aberdeen

Contact: Jim Kennedy -

6:00pm Fridays in Hanover

Contact: Dave DeBates -

7:00pm Fridays in Clarksville (2nd & 4th weeks)

Contact: Jimmy Kim -

6:00pm Saturdays in Ellicott City (1st & 3rd weeks)

Contact: Peter Chung -

6:00pm Saturdays/Sundays in Hanover (1st & 3rd weeks)

Contact: Rachel Kim -

6:00am Saturdays at the Church, Young Adults

Contact: Paul Na -